Dunkirk: Film Review

Thirty second into the film and I could guess it was a Hans Zimmer track playing in the background. There is only one man in the planet who can make such "noise" and it was undeniably him. Dunkirk is a vision of war captured appealingly without being boring like some scenes of "Saving Private Ryan."

The auteur Christopher Nolan has painted a vision of war. He could have been more brutal, sense defying and gross. His camera has captured the expanse and proportion of the sea so well. The fighter planes swirl and swerve in the sky , screwing the targets in the sea; is breathtaking, alarming, riveting with masterful direction.

Image Source: Warner Bros

Image Source:Warner Bros

It is the story of rescue during the World War II, when 400,000 Allied soldiers were penned by the Germans. The British were to pull up an impossible victory which was named Operation Dynamo.

Why would a director paint a war scene vision like?

Why do these soldiers fly, perhaps it's not about battle alone. Richard Bach answers it better:

I should take you out to the grounds of an airport on a Saturday morning in the end of August. There is sun and a cloud in the sky, now, and here's a cool breeze hushing around the precision sculptures of light planes all washed in rainbows and set carefully on the grass. Here's a smell of clean metal and fabric in the air, and the swishing chug of a small engine spinning a little windmill of a propeller, making ready to fly." in a Gift of Wings.

Image Source: Warner Bros

Image Source: Warner Bros

Image Source: Warner Bros

Image Source: Warner Bros

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